Unique Cookie Upgrades

You don’t always have time to make cookies from scratch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wow your crowd. These simple, yet unique cookie upgrades only take a couple extra steps, and will turn store-bought cookie dough into custom, amazing creations.

Layer it:

Purchase two flavors of premade cookie dough. Press a small amount of each flavor together, side by side, and roll into a ball. Bake according to instructions on package.

cookie upgrades - layer

Dip it:

Dip baked cookies into melted chocolate. Try rolling in a variety of toppings, such as sprinkles, chopped nuts or cereal, before the chocolate dries. Place your chocolate covered cookies on parchment paper to cool and solidify.

cookie upgrades - dip it


Place premade cookie dough in a bowl and fold in a new flavor or texture. Some of our favorite mix-ins include cereal, nuts or chopped chocolate.

Sandwich it:

Bake cookies according to instructions on package. Then spread peanut butter between two cookies before serving.

Add herbs:

Place a pinch of fresh herbs (try mint, rosemary or thyme) and sprinkle with salt before baking.


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