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Parchment Paper

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Popular Uses

Reynolds® Parchment Paper is a versatile kitchen product with a wide range of uses and applications.  Whether you want to bake cookies that won’t stick or to roast foods in the oven with less of a hassle, parchment paper offers a perfect and practical solution.

Parchment Paper Uses

  • Use parchment to line cookie sheets and cake pans for non-stick baking and easy cleanup
  • Oven cooking or microwave steaming chicken, fish or vegetables in a paper packet for healthy, delicious moist food
  • Oven roasting vegetables and potatoes
  • Parchment is perfect for lining countertops when measuring, mixing, and shredding ingredients
  • Rolling out dough and cookies without sticking to the rolling pin or rolling surface

Product Information

Reynolds® Parchment Paper is a natural high density paper with a non-stick coating that can be used for a number of baking and cooking projects.  Use it to  that can be used to line everything from cookie sheets to cake pans to muffin tins. Use parchment paper in the oven for non-stick results without the extra grease or spray.

Reynolds® Parchment Paper is easy to use. All you need to do is cut and line your baking sheets and pans with either side of the parchment paper. Place food directly on the parchment paper – there is no need to add extra spray or to grease the sheet of paper – and bake as directed. Treats will bake evenly and release from paper with ease. Plus, because you're baking right on the paper, clean-up is a breeze.

Reynolds® Parchment Paper isn't just for desserts. You can also cook chicken, fish or vegetables by making a parchment paper packet. This method, also referred to as cooking "en papillote", is a healthy way to make delicious moist food.

Download this PDF to learn how to make a Parchment Paper Pastry Bag for decorating>>

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