How To Make A Parchment Liner for Round Cake Pans

8 Simple Steps to Making a Round Parchment Paper Liner

You Will Need:


  1. Tear a sheet of parchment paper that is 1-inch larger than the cake pan.
  2. BRING the two long sides together and crease the center to make a large rectangle.
  3. Fold the rectangle in half to make a smaller rectangle.
  4. BRING the folded edges together so the tip forms the top of a triangle with uneven sides.
  5. FLIP the pan over and place the triangle against the bottom of the pan with the point of the triangle at the center of the pan.
  6. Hold the parchment flat against the bottom of the pan so the base of the triangle so extends pass the edge of the pan.
  7. Trim the parchment base using the edge of the pan as a guide.
  8. Unfold the parchment to reveal the round liner.  Flip the pan over and lay the parchment liner inside the pan.

Benefits to lining your cake pans with parchment paper:

  • Easy Release: Lining your cake pan with parchment paper allows you to flip layers out in one piece because the cake doesn't cling to the bottom of the pan.
  • Even Baking: Lining with parchment paper promotes even baking regardless of the type of pan.