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Slow Cooker Liners

Fast & Easy Clean-up

No soaking or scrubbing baked-on messes! Line your slow cooker with a Reynolds KITCHENS™ Slow Cooker Liner for fast and easy clean-up, 8 seconds or less, guaranteed.

Save Time & Energy

Skip time-consuming clean-up by lining your slow cooker.

Now Available in New Small or Regular Size

Cook dinner for a family of two or eight, with two convenient sizes.

Product Details

Slow cooking is a great way to prepare all kinds of delicious meals, whether you’re feeding one or two people or expecting a crowd! From barbecue favorites like pulled pork to soups and holiday classics, you can make some of your favorite meals with ease using a slow cooker. Now with two convenient sizes, Reynolds KITCHENS™ Slow Cooker Liners has an option for any of your slow cooking needs.

Slow Cooker Liners help take the mess out of slow cooking by making clean-up a snap. Before tossing in your ingredients and turning it on, place a liner in your slow cooker. Once your meal is served, remove the liner, and clean-up’s done!

Reynolds KITCHENS™ Small and Regular Sized Slow Cooker Liners prevent a baked-on mess and eliminate soaking and scrubbing your slow cooker after a meal. They are made with a special heat resistant nylon, BPA-free material that holds in even the heartiest ingredients without breaking or puncturing.

Now that you can spend less time scrubbing and more time savoring some slow-cooked meals, give some of our favorite slow cooker recipes a try!

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Product Faqs


What are Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners made of?


The liners are made of a special BPA-free material suitable for cooking foods in slow cookers on high, low, or warm settings. Reynolds has safely used this blend of nylon for over 30 years.


Are Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker liners BPA-free?


Yes. Slow Cooker Liners are BPA-free and FDA-compliant for cooking.


Does the cooking time change if I use a Slow Cooker Liner?


No, the cooking time would remain the same when using a Slow Cooker Liner. Your food will cook thoroughly and evenly.


What size of crock pot does the small and regular slow cooker liners fit?


The small slow cooker liner fits best in 1-3 quart slow cookers, whereas the regular slow cooker liner is recommend for 3-8 quart slow cookers.


How do I adapt a recipe for a regular-sized slow cooker to a small-sized slow cooker?


Cut the ingredients in half to adapt for a 1-3 quart slow cooker.

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