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  • Servings: 1
  • Course: Dessert

This adorable and cute cookie cat doesn't even need the oven warmed up to make. Cookies, canned icing and an assortment of toppers do the job. Stock up on a variety of candy to decorate this Halloween dessert. The more you have the more creative the cat will look. Parchment paper holds the Chocolate Twist candy that is microwaved to hold the shape of the curvy tail. The nonstick surface of the parchment paper was tailor made for this project.

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  • 2 round chocolate cookies
  • Canned chocolate icing
  • 2 mint patties
  • 2 multicolored-chip cookies
  • 1 Sathers Cherry Sour candy
  • 2 candy-coated chocolate candies
  • 8 mini candy-coated chocolate candies
  • 2 Junior Mint candies
  • Green jelly candy
  • 1 Twizzlers Chocolate Twist candy strip
  • Red lace candy
  • Vanilla almond bark candy
  • Parchment paper


Step 1

Use chocolate icing to assemble the chocolate cookies for the cat's head and body. Cut each mint patty into the shape of a pointed ear. Place the ears behind the head, adhering them with icing.

Step 2

Add the muzzle, nose, and paws, referring to the photo for placement. Use icing to hold the pieces in place. For the eyes, flatten a green jelly candy and then cut two thin diamond shapes. Use icing to attach one to each Junior Mint; attach to cat.

Step 3

Place the Chocolate Twist on parchment paper and heat it in a microwave oven for about 8 seconds. Remove the candy and form it into a S shape for the tail. Hold in place until the candy keeps its shape. Heat the candy longer if necessary. Use icing to adhere tail to the back of the body.

Step 4

From the red lace candy, cut four 1-1/2-inch-long whiskers and one curve for the grin. Following the package instructions, melt a dime-sized chunk of almond bark. Using a toothpick and the melted candy, adhere the ends of the whiskers and the mouth to the muzzle. Makes 1 serving

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