Get the Most Out of Heat & Eat Containers

Get the Most Out of Heat & Eat Containers

Reynolds Kitchens™ Heat & Eat disposable containers are a great alternative to plastic containers, and are ideal for re-heating leftovers in the microwave.

Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your containers:

Packing food at home

Reynolds Kitchens™ Heat & Eat containers are ideal for taking leftovers from home to enjoy later. After filling your containers with food, make sure you "snap" all four corners of the lid on each container to lock it in place.

Taking the containers on-the-go

Make sure your containers sit right-side up when taking them with you. To prevent spills, you can place containers in a plastic bag, or place a rubber band around each container to add extra security to the lid.


Reynolds Kitchens™ Heat & Eat containers can be stored in the freezer or fridge, and are designed to be stackable. Make sure the containers stay right side up in the freezer or fridge.

Re-heating food in the microwave

Ideal for the microwave, follow these quick steps to get the most out of your Reynolds Kitchens™ containers:

  1. Remove the lid from the container before placing the container in the microwave
  2. Invert the lid (Reynolds Ktichens™ logo facing down), and place on the counter top close to the microwave – wipe off any condensation that may have occurred while storing the food.
  3. Cover your food in the container as you usually do for microwaving, and re-heat
  4. When your food is done, place the container directly on the inverted lid
  5. Use the lid to help carry the container to your table, and keep it beneath your container as you enjoy your food.

Best foods for Reynolds Kitchens™ containers

Avoid foods like soup, stews or have heavy gravy or sauces in Reynolds Kitchens™ containers. The foods that work best are lunch time favorites like hot sandwiches, pizza, burritos/tacos, salads or last night’s casserole.


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