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  • Moe Cason: Taste-Testing Nashville BBQ Ribs

Moe Cason: Taste-Testing Nashville BBQ Ribs

Moe Cason: Taste-Testing Nashville BBQ Ribs

Written by Reynolds Wrap® Chief Grilling Officer Moe Cason

Peg Leg Porker

903 Gleaves St,

Nashville, TN, 37203

“Limpin’ Ain’t Easy!” says the Peg Leg Porker and making amazing BBQ ain’t easy either. But my friend Carey Bringle, owner of the downtown Nashville BBQ joint with the same moniker, makes it seem effortless and fun. Once you walk into his place, the whole vibe embraces you like family. Along with blues music wafting in your ear space, you’ll hear employees shouting over the PA system for customers to get their food or Carey singing a few bars of his favorite tune. The place feels familiar and dynamic and so does the food, especially the ribs. I know why Peg Leg’s specialty is Memphis style dry rub baby back ribs: they are phenomenal. Biting into the meat made me want to close my eyes and shout! Tender, moist, and the seasonings are perfectly balanced. They had just the right amount of hickory smoke infused with a rich pork flavor. Even though his sauce has great depth and not too sweet, these ribs stand true on their own and do not need to be masked with any sauce. I ate the whole entire rack! Next to the pile of naked bones were the sides I almost forgot to taste but they did not disappoint either. The mac n’ cheese, beans, and slaw were all very good standards, but my favorite were the smoky, savory green beans with bits of pork. Peg Leg is giving Nashville outstanding BBQ, but the ribs are the absolute shining star!

Honeyfire BBQ

8127 Sawyer Brown Rd., Ste 304

Nashville, TN 37221

Honeyfire BBQ is set up in a brand-new building located in the suburbs of Nashville but don’t get it twisted, Owner/Pitmaster Shane Nasby is putting out big city flavors. The menu has a mix of traditional BBQ and sandwiches but what caught my eye were the non-traditional items like baby back eggrolls and brisket queso – a nice spin on old concepts! I’m always up to trying new things but I was ready to dig into the ribs. I was elated when I first set my eyes on these baby backs – the color was picture perfect: glistening deep mahogany with caramelized dark bits. I knew two things before I even sunk my teeth in: 1. The pitmaster’s competition BBQ skills were showing and 2. My mouth was watering. I snatched the rack of ribs and pulled apart the bones with ease showing the sticky bark, pretty-in-pink smoke ring, and moist succulent pork. I bit into them and instantly thought about Kansas City. I usually like more spice and heat, but the texture and tenderness made up for it. It was a properly cooked Kansas City-style rib with honey sweetness but not too much hickory smoke. Great restaurant rib!

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