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  • Family Meals - Pizza, Parchment and Pleasing the Family

Family Meals - Pizza, Parchment and Pleasing the Family

Family Meals - Pizza, Parchment and Pleasing the Family

Family Meals - Pizza, Parchment and Pleasing the Family

Family Meals

Jennifer Mercurio

Pizza, Parchment and Pleasing the Family

Making a meal that my whole family will love is always a chore. Pinterest inspires me daily but I always think, "But will my picky girls and even pickier husband love this?"

I have figured out that when it comes time for dinner I am better with quick and easy meals with every day ingredients and skipping the 'let's experiment with new flavors' road. My girls love to help in the kitchen so I tend to put things together that they can help with and one of those things is pizza.

Pizza is a perfect convenient dinner for us because we can all customize our food. Plus, it's super easy and fast to make.

Clean-up was always annoying though because I had to deal with the oils from the dough and baked-on cheeses on the pan. That is until I started using Reynolds® Parchment Paper! Reynolds® Parchment Paper now makes clean-up as easy as making dinner and I love products that make my life easier! You can learn more about parchment paper tips at ReynoldsKitchens.com.

To start I tear off a sheet of parchment. A trick I recently learned is that you can turn your pan upside down and press the parchment over the inverted pan, creasing along the edges. Now you have a molded sheet of parchment that fits inside the pan perfectly.

Roll out your pizza dough to your desired thickness and then use a round cookie cutter to make your mini pizzas or just flip a drinking glass over and bam! instant circle cutter! You can get all fancy and make your own dough but like I said, I don't have time for that so I use store bought dough and it's just as yummy.

Spread some pizza sauce on the uncooked pizza dough rounds. Next pick out all your families’ favorite pizza toppings like ground beef, bacon, red peppers, and of course you can't forget the cheese.

Bake these bad boys for about 10 minutes at 350° and you have a dinner everyone will love in no time flat.

jf 2

And look at how easy clean-up is. I just lift up the Reynolds® Parchment Paper and I am done. You can see where the oil of the dough soaked into the parchment but it's so awesome that it absorbed it without letting anything leak onto the pan. Clever I know. I wish I came up with parchment right about now.

No burnt cheese to scrape off, no oily residue to scrub. Nothing but a clean pan and a happy mom. Oh, and the family is happy because they got a yummy meal.

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