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  • Family Meals - Enjoy Your Slow Cooker with Easy Clean-Up

Family Meals - Enjoy Your Slow Cooker with Easy Clean-Up

Family Meals - Enjoy Your Slow Cooker with Easy Clean-Up

Family Meals - Enjoy Your Slow Cooker with Easy Clean-Up

Family Meals

Whitney and Ashley

Enjoy Your Slow Cooker with Easy Clean-Up

Hey there! We are Whitney and Ashley from Shanty2Chic! We are passionate about many things in life other than DIY, and one of our greatest passions is being mommies! We have eight kiddos between us and we are always looking for quick, easy and healthy meals! Slow cookers have always been a great go-to for us during our most hectic times but there is always the dreaded, caked-on mess left behind!

When we discovered Reynolds® Slow Cooker Liners, we thought we had died and gone to cooking heaven! A product that eliminates soaking, scrubbing and cleaning…SIGN US UP!

We recently got all of the kids together and made a family favorite, Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup!

It's a great way to trick the kids into eating veggies and it's hearty enough for our hubbies! Of course, we never slow cook without our Reynolds® Slow Cooker Liners so clean-up was a piece of cake and we had plenty of time to referee fights and enjoy each other’s company;)

Here's how we make Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup with our Reynolds® Slow Cooker Liners!


  • 1 package of cheese tortellini
  • 2 cups of fresh spinach
  • 1 box of low-sodium chicken broth
  • 2 cans of Italian diced tomatoes
  • 1 block of low-fat cream cheese


Step 1: Insert the Reynolds® Slow Cooker Liner into your slow cooker! It's super easy, just peel open your liner, fit it snugly to the bottom and sides or your slow cooker and fold the top over the rim of your slow cooker!

wa pic 2

Step 2: Ingredients! Pour all of the ingredients into your slow cooker and cover on low for four hours.

wa pic 3

Step 3: Play with the kids, referee fights, read a book, clean the house, build furniture, craft…the possibilities are endless;)

Caution: Do not lift or move the liner with food inside. You could burn yourself!

Step 4: EAT! Whit and I love to make this recipe low-fat so we can eat more ;)

Step 5: Toss the Reynolds® Slow Cooker Liner in the trash!

wa pic 4

Step 6: Enjoy more of what you were doing in Step 3 because you don't have to scrub your slow cooker!!

With the Reynolds® Slow Cooker Liners, how can you not add slow cooker recipes to your dinner routine two to three times per week….or four, or five;)

Head over to ReynoldsKitchens.com where you will find awesome cooking tips and recipes using Reynolds® products to help you save time in the kitchen and feed your family right!

wa pic 5

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