Introducing Reynolds® Bakeware

We're pleased to introduce a new line of disposable aluminum pans to carry the iconic Reynolds® brand!  Consumers have trusted Reynolds® for quality aluminum foil since 1947.  Over six decades later, Reynolds® is the top-recognized brand in the U.S. among all consumer products*.  We’ve worked to develop a premium disposable aluminum bakeware line worthy of our name – Reynolds® Bakeware!  

Non-stick surface for easy serving: 

Leveraging the popularity of Reynolds Wrap® Non-Stick Aluminum Foil, selected Reynolds® bakeware pans are also non-stick, which allows food to easily release from the pans without extra spray or oil.  Pans intended for cakes, brownies, lasagna, casseroles, and similar foods carry the non-stick surface.

Heavy-duty and attractive:

All Reynolds® bakeware pans are sturdy, attractive, and designed to perform!  All are made with heavy-duty aluminum for strength and ease-of-use. The stylish, bright blue aluminum exterior lends serving appeal.  For everyday or holidays, use them with confidence when serving at home … or take them to parties or gatherings!

The pans are sized to fit the most popular cooking needs:

  • 8 x 8" Non-Stick Pans  (3/package)
  • 9 x 13" Non-Stick Pans  (2 /package)
  • Lasagna Non-Stick Pans  (1 /package)
  • 10 lb. Roaster Pan Heavy-Duty (2 /package)
  • Giant Pasta Pan Heavy-Duty   (1/package)
  • Turkey Roaster Pan Heavy-Duty (1/package)