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Pan Lining Paper

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Popular Uses

  • Lining and molding to baking pans with sides for non-stick scooping and easy cleanup

Product Information

Reynolds Wrap® Pan Lining Paper is specially designed to eliminate baked-on messes and to be strong enough to let you easily remove foods from your pans without fear of ripping or tearing.

Reynolds Wrap® Pan Lining Paper combines the best benefits of Reynolds Wrap® Aluminum Foil and Reynolds® Parchment Paper. The parchment side is non-stick and won't leak or tear when scooping or cutting food. The foil side makes it easy to mold to any shape or size baking pan. Simply line your pan with the parchment side towards the food, and cook as you normally would. Now, when you're finished baking or cooking, just toss the mess away.

With Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper, you can now spend your time on more important things than cleaning messy dishes.

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