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Grill Foil (rolls)

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Popular Uses

  • Lining the grill to avoid food sticking
  • Wrapping food to cook on the grill
  • Cleaning the grill grates: crumple foil and use it as a grill scrubber

Product Information

Grill masters know Reynolds Wrap® Foil for the Grill is an indispensable tool that makes grilling great food easy. Its heavy strength is strong enough for your toughest jobs and the non-stick coating provides easy release so foods lift right off.

It’s easy to use. Place food on the non-stick (dull) side of the foil. Use as you would any Reynolds Wrap® Foil for no-mess grilling.

Reynolds Wrap® Foil for the Grill is 18 inches wide so you can line your grill with foil to keep the grill clean and keep small foods like shrimp or asparagus from falling through the grill grates.

Or, use Reynolds Wrap® Foil for the Grill to make foil packets to lock in nutrients and flavor when grilling or wrap meat to help tenderize and protect food during long grilling time.

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