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Grill and Oven Bags

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Popular Uses


  • Keep foods moist and tender
  • Infuse Flavors
  • Grill cooking without losing food through the grill grates

Product Information

Reynolds Wrap® Grill Bags provide a flavorful and convenient way to cook vegetables, chicken, beef, small and delicate foods (i.e. shrimp and fish) on the grill without losing them through the grill grates.  Reynolds Wrap® Grill Bags also provide a moist heat environment for cooking foods at high temperatures (up to 450°) in the oven.

Reynolds Wrap® Grill Bags help you cook moist and flavorful foods quickly at high temperatures without a lot of tending.  They are also great for roasting meats and poultry on your grill without a lot of tending.  Foods can be prepared ahead, stored properly and then cooked when ready to eat.

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