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Entertaining Appetizers: Easy Clean-Up BBQ Wings

Because food always plays a huge role in our gatherings, you’d think I spend the most time on cooking right? Not so much!

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Emily Lyon

When you’ve got a load of company due to arrive for a party or gathering, you never seem to have enough time. I love to have my girlfriends and their families over for just about any occasion. Any excuse to get together to chat and eat tasty food is right up my alley. While I consider myself pretty easy going, I do like to have things in order before my guests arrive.

Because food always plays a huge role in our gatherings, you’d think I spend the most time on cooking right? Not so much! I probably spend the majority of my time making sure my house is clean enough. With the help of Reynolds® Oven Bags, I am able to prepare some amazing appetizers with little to no prep; and even less clean up! I can’t even begin to tell you what a lifesaver these nifty oven bags can be when you are short on time, or just want your cooking to turn out perfect every time!

When I first heard of oven bags, I thought they were only for cooking turkeys. I recently discovered that you can make much more than a turkey in these bags. Inside the box of Reynolds® Oven Bags is a booklet of recipes and cooking times for different cuts of meat. I decided to try cooking the ultimate appetizer, BBQ Wings, in the Reynolds® Oven Bags. Who doesn’t love sweet and sticky wings at any gathering? I prepared my own brown sugar sauce, and then the rest was a piece of cake.

Place an oven bag in a 9x13 or 8x8 glass baking dish. It is recommended to put about a tablespoon of flour in the bag, hold top of bag closed and shake the flour around to coat the bag.

Then stick the chicken pieces (wings and drumsticks in my case), right inside the bag, in a single layer. Tie the bag closed with an included tie. Cut 6 slits in the bag to let the steam vent and you’re ready to bake! Make sure all ends of the bag are tucked nicely inside the baking dish so they don’t touch the oven wall or rack.

Easy Clean-Up BBQ Wings


Bake per the instructions included with the oven bag, and you’ve got perfectly moist, and flavorful chicken! The estimated time was absolutely perfect for my chicken pieces, according to my meat thermometer.



Not only will oven bags make meal prep a breeze, but cleanup is next to nothing! My baking dish didn’t have a single spot on it!

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