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  • Entertaining Appetizers: Baking Cup Snack Holders

Entertaining Appetizers: Baking Cup Snack Holders

Entertaining Appetizers: Baking Cup Snack Holders

Baking Cup Snack Holders

Baking Cup Snack Holders

Tiffany Merritt

The day before our playdate I had a serious run-in with my food-processor blade. It was a "4 stitches needed" kind of run-in. Cooking can be dangerous, friends! Anyway, I was told that I couldn't get this hand wet AT ALL for 48 hours. That meant that cooking would be pretty close to impossible. At the same time, I was also dealing with this:

This little monkey decided to cut 3 teeth at the same time. This was her second outfit of the day, soaked with drool after only 45 minutes. She wanted to be snuggled and cuddled ALL. DAY. LONG. So as the play date hour drew near, I had to face the facts: there would be no cupcakes. But I was having a tough time letting go of the idea of using those cute Reynolds® Baking Cups. Time for plan B!

I got out my muffin tin and filled them with two different types of baking cups.


Then I headed to the pantry and the fridge to gather all the snacks I could find. I was really surprised by just how many things I found that could be fun in a muffin tin once I started digging. Here's what I put in the baking cups:


I had a nice variety of fruits and nuts and sweets and even veggie puffs. Not only did the girls enjoy this, but the moms snacked on it, too!


I was even able to use the foil lined baking cups to hold hummus. It worked wonderfully as the dip bowl. These two items were gone in a flash!

The girls had a fantastic time playing with each other upstairs in Darah's room. In fact, they ONLY came downstairs to get more snacks. At one point, Darah asked if she could take one of the baking cups back upstairs to save a trip. I managed to snap a shot before this little fairy flew off with her treasure!



Despite not being able to cook a single thing, I still managed to put together something special and fun thanks to my Reynolds® Baking Cups. Who said entertaining had to be hard? Give this idea a try the next time you have company. I bet it will be a hit!


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